For Pierre Ménès, the worst is to be feared

For Pierre Ménès, the worst is to be feared

Former consultant for Canal+, Pierre Ménès believes that the LFP is digging its grave in the Ligue 1 TV rights issue.

Viewers are still no further ahead for next season. Two months before the resumption of Ligue 1, the Professional Football League has not yet concluded the slightest agreement with a broadcaster, beIN Sports and Canal + showing reluctance to bet the 700 million euros hoped for by Vincent Labrune for the TV rights on French territory.

Also the LFP seems to be considering more and more seriously the creation of a whole new channel dedicated to the championship. A channel which, according to The team, could cost its future subscribers very dearly. An amount of 25 euros per month, or 250 euros per year, is mentioned to follow all the matches of the 34 days of the 2024-2025 financial year.

Pierre Ménès: “The League happily continues to commit suicide”

Enough to exasperate Pierre Ménès. On his X account (ex-Twitter), the former Canal+ consultant choked when discovering the exorbitant price of this possible subscription. “25 euros for Ligue 1 when it was already annoying for Amazon, which offered half the price for 80% of matches. The League happily continues to commit suicide”he posted.

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