"Fight against the disease", sad announcement on France Télévisions

“Fight against the disease”, sad announcement on France Télévisions

As the 2024 Tour de France began this weekend on France Télévisions, one of the public broadcaster’s leading cycling consultants, Yoann Offredo, made a sad announcement this week.

The 111th edition of the Tour de France began on Saturday with a first stage relocated outside the French borders, since it was organized on the Italian side, between Florence and Rimini. Like every year, the major event in world cycling is broadcast in particular on public service. And this summer again, viewers of France Televisions are entitled to a range of choice consultants, led by Laurent Jalabert and Marion Rousse. Also present during the show ” Cycling Club
“, Yoann Offredo has also returned to service, despite a sad announcement.

Consultant for France Televisions since the 2020 edition of the Tour de France, the former rider who wore the colors of the FDJ for a very long time, posted a message this week on his social networks to inform his subscribers of bad news concerning his health. “ Dear friends, 6 weeks ago my life took another turn. I was told that I had an autoimmune disease affecting my eyes in particular. I spent time in the hospital environment, discovered the heavy treatments and especially the fight against the disease. »

“Today I am better, I am fighting”

Still wanting to be reassuring, Yoann Offredo added, with a touch of humor and a cycling metaphor: “ Today I’m better, I’m fighting. Yesterday I was in front of the broom car. Today in the gruppetto. But from Saturday back in the France TV peloton for this Tour de France with as much pleasure and joy as ever. “This message has generated a lot of comments and support. Several personalities from the world of sport and the media have sent him a little note, such as his colleagues from the sports department, the journalists Fabien Lévêque and Mathieu Lartot.

Former sportswomen also reacted, like former footballer Laura Georges: “ Glad you’re back. » The same goes for Marie-José Pérec: « Yoyo we love you!!! You are the best. ” So many signs of friendship that went straight to the heart of the person concerned, now leaving for three weeks of the Tour de France. Enough to change his mind.

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