Fernando Alonso in a relationship with Taylor Swift, is it confirmed?

Fernando Alonso in a relationship with Taylor Swift, is it confirmed?

In her latest album “The Tortured Poets Department”, released Friday, Taylor Swift appears to discuss her relationship with Spanish driver Fernando Alonso.

The last NFL season was marked by two major events: the new title of Kansas City, winner of Super Bowl LVIII against San Francisco (25-22) at the beginning of February in Las Vegas, and the officialization of the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, one of the Chiefs executives. In a relationship with the American football player since September 2023, the popstar set fire to each of the matches she attended, her reactions being watched and her clothing commented on.

But a few months earlier, it was within the F1 paddocks that the artist had caused a sensation. A rumor, which we then thought was far-fetched, circulated in April 2023 about her alleged affair with Fernando Alonso, who had just found a steering wheel within the Aston Martin team. Neither confirmed nor denied, these rumors had been fueled by the Spanish pilot himself who, on TikTok, had taken great pleasure in keeping the flame alive. Was it really “fake news”? A new clue tends to prove that no.

“I’m an Aston Martin that you sent straight into the ditch”

In the second verse of the title imgonnagetyouback from his double album The Tortured Poets Department, released Friday, the American diva apparently sends a message to the double Formula 1 world champion (2005, 2006), who has 32 Grand Prix victories to his name. The lyrics, translated into French, go like this: “Small talk, big walk, act like I don’t care what you did.” I’m an Aston Martin that you sent straight into the ditch. Then you ran away and hid. »

By quoting the British automobile brand, does Taylor Swift wish to refer to her supposed ex, aged 42? In any case, it would not be the first time that the young woman settles scores through music. In another piece from his latest opus, entitled thanK you aIMee – with the letters KIM written in capital letters – the native of Pennsylvania (34 years old) thus evokes, and very clearly this time, her disagreement with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The response from the “Bull of Asturias” is awaited…

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