Estelle Denis' huge rant

Estelle Denis’ huge rant

Estelle Denis made a huge rant about the choice of the Olympic flame bearers.

After twelve days spent aboard the Belem, the Olympic flame entered the Old Port of Marseille on May 8, in front of nearly 150,000 spectators. Olympic champion in 2012, Florent Manaudou was the first to hold the torch on French soil, before Marseille rapper Jul lit the Olympic cauldron. The flame continues since its tour of the country, carried in turn by 11,000 people – anonymous, athletes or celebrities – selected by the organizing committee, sponsors and territories.

In her show “Estelle midi”, Estelle Denis returned to the choice of the flame bearers. The opportunity for the former sports journalist to have a big rant. “What bothers me is that sport is despisedshe lamented. In our country we look down on sport. Sport is not a specialty at the Baccalaureate. When you arrive at a dinner and you are a sports journalist you are less well regarded than an economic or political journalist. When you are good at sports but not so good at math you are looked down upon. We look down on sports teachers, etc. »

“It bothers me terribly”

And to continue: “But there, as if by chance, when it comes to carrying the (Olympic) flame and doing your own advertising on social networks… Excuse me, the people who carry the flame, whom we have never seen in tracksuits, and who are there to boast because they carry the flame all to make their personal communication, it bothers me, it bothers me terribly. I have no problem with people making their personal comments, but at least the rest of the time they don’t spit on sport. »

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