Estelle Denis expresses her incomprehension about the flame bearers

Estelle Denis expresses her incomprehension about the flame bearers

Invited on the set of C à vous, Estelle Denis made a new rant about the choice of bearers of the Olympic flame.

Estelle Denis is not giving up. A week after being offended by the presence of many people among the bearers of the Olympic flame, the RMC journalist did it again this Wednesday on the set of C à vous, where she was invited alongside David Douillet and Marion Bartoli to talk about the RMC system during the Olympic Games.

« What bothers me is that suddenly there are the Olympic Games, it’s like during the World Cups, and suddenly there are people who find a passion for sport even though they don’t ‘never talked about it for 4 years, it bothers me… she said to Aurélie Casse, adding: “Seeing people who have never put on a tracksuit who, suddenly, are carrying the flame and saying how important it is to them, that bothers me a little. »

Estelle Denis does not understand the presence of people

And the presenter of Estelle Midi on RMC was not finished. “We have these Olympic Games, it’s once every hundred years, I think we could have honored athletes. There are plenty of Olympic medalists who do not carry the flame, who were not even offered to carry the flame, she actually added. This shocks me terribly. The Olympic Games, ok, it’s a popular celebration, but it’s first and foremost a celebration of sport and athletes. »

If many athletes, Olympic or not, are among the torch bearers like Laure Manaudou, Tony Parker, Bernard Hinault, Antoine Dupont or Jean-Pierre Papin, the Olympic torch relay gives pride of place to celebrities . The choice of Jul to light the first cauldron in Marseille thus caused a lot of talk.

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