Esteban Ocon-Alpine, the huge clash!

Esteban Ocon-Alpine, the huge clash!

Despite his final 10th place at the finish of the Canadian Grand Prix, Esteban Ocon was furious after the race and did not spare his team.

The divorce between Esteban Ocon and Alpine turns sour. New example with the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend. Just a few days after the announcement of the Normandy driver’s departure at the end of the season, tension rose again on the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit. Consequence of the team instructions given at the end of the Grand Prix to the 27-year-old driver.

Starting in last position, Esteban Ocon made an impressive comeback and was even ahead of his teammate Pierre Gasly. But that was without taking into account a message sent by his team inviting him to let his compatriot pass.
” Forget that “he first told his race engineer before executing by launching be
” too kind “.

“It’s sad that it ends like this”

In the end, Esteban Ocon had to settle for 10e
place, just behind Pierre Gasly, Alpine placing its two cars in the points for the first time this season. Not enough to calm the native of Evreux on arrival. “Unfortunately, we see the delay that will happen until the end of the year, this is not correct, he said directly at the Canal+ microphone.
I did my job, not the team. It’s sad that it ended like this at the end of the race.”

Esteban Ocon easily admitted to being bitter. “In the end, yes, clearly, he thundered. I’m doing a race where I start last. I’m taking all the risks I need, I have to finish ninth and score two points. I’m happy that we scored points as a team but we would have scored just as many if I didn’t let Pierre pass at the end. I don’t know where the call is coming from. In any case, I did my part of the job and that’s the most important thing. We will discuss the rest internally as usual. »

Two weeks after his scathing exit in Monaco after the clash between his two drivers caused by Esteban Ocon, Bruno Famin this time intended to play the appeasement card.
“He has a little hot reaction, it’s normal, I understand with the adrenaline of the race, he agreed on Canal+. Now what we need is to make the result positive. It’s our first double entry in the points of the year, we started quite far on the grid. (…) I am very happy with the work that the drivers are doing, both Esteban and Pierre. We put them in somewhat complicated positions by passing the slick tires first with Pierre, then by not stopping during the first safety car. They managed it really well, did a great job and the whole team did a great job, that’s what I remember today. »

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