Eric Di Meco balance on Habib Beye

Eric Di Meco balance on Habib Beye

Eric Di Meco spoke without tongue in cheek about the situation of Habib Beye, commentator on certain PSG matches while he is a supporter and former OM player.

They are an essential link during broadcasts of football matches. Very often former players, sometimes ex-coaches, the consultants bring their technical point of view and their experience and share it with listeners and viewers. Currently on Canal+, Habib Beye is one of the most prominent. Former player of Olympique de Marseille, the man who is also coach of Red Star sometimes finds himself in a somewhat delicate situation when he has to comment on PSG matches. In any case, this is what Eric Di Meco confided.

Also a former OM player who became a consultant, Di Meco spoke about the Habib Beye case during an interview with The Team. Without tongue in cheek, the former Olympian defender therefore delivered his very particular point of view. “ When I hear Habib, I think and I say to myself: ‘He wants to become a great coach, so he will say that he loves everyone’. This is the limit of consultants who are still in the field. » But Eric Di Meco immediately wanted to clarify things: “ Be careful, Habib is extremely excellent. When he talks about football, I listen to him. »

“He’s not always happy to see Paris win”

However, the consultant of RMC continued: “ When he says that he would be very happy for Paris, it makes me smile because he is not insulting the future. But when he comments on PSG, I know what he thinks and that he is not always necessarily happy to see them win. He still has the Marseille fiber. » For Eric Di Meco, Habib Beye cannot completely stop his Marseille heart from beating, even if he doesn’t let anything show on the air.

Tuesday, Beye will be on deck again to comment on a Paris Saint-Germain match since the Champions League semi-final return against Borussia Dortmund will be broadcast live on the antenna of Canal+. What will the consultant wish for the outcome of this match? He will keep it to himself again.

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