Emmanuel Petit, scathing reframing after his criticism of Kylian Mbappé

Emmanuel Petit, scathing reframing after his criticism of Kylian Mbappé

Emmanuel Petit criticized Kylian Mbappé this week. The 1998 world champion was targeted by Pierre Ménès’ counterattack.

« He’s tired of all this. Try to refocus, to come down a little bit from a cloud, to regain a certain humility, like you had at the start of your career because it was refreshing and I was your first supporter. Today you are tiring me. If I could even take you to the airport myself to go to Madrid, I honestly would, he’s so drunk on me. » Thus expressed Emmanuel Petit this week on the antenna of RMC. An outing which was not appreciated by Pierre Ménès.

On social networks, the former Canal Football Club journalist brought the world and European champion with the Blues back to his past. “ Emmanuel Petit criticizes Mbappé for his private life. It’s a bit like Kurt Cobain explaining to us that drugs are shit. It’s wonderful these former players who forget everything about their behavior as soon as a microphone is handed to them. » Asked about the fact that Petit had the right to give his opinion despite this famous past, Pierre Ménès added: “ Well, let him say it in the preamble rather than acting like a scared virgin. »

Soon less exposed to French media

This speech by the consultant took place before the Coupe de France final won on Saturday evening by Paris Saint-Germain at the expense of Olympique Lyonnais (1-2). Not necessarily brilliant during this meeting, Kylian Mbappé nevertheless expanded his record, he who will now leave Ligue 1 to wear (a priori) the Real Madrid jersey.

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