Dugarry confirms for Deschamps

Dugarry confirms for Deschamps

Consultant for M6 during Euro 2024, Christophe Dugarry confirmed his position regarding Didier Deschamps, in comments reported by his on-air partner, Xavier Domergue.

A long-time critic of the playing principles proposed by Didier Deschamps since the latter took charge of the French team, Christophe Dugarry has had the opportunity this summer to attend many of the French team’s matches. Consultant for M6
During Euro 2024, the former French international has already commentated on the Blues’ match against the Netherlands in the group stage (0-0) and will return to the French selection this Friday, in the quarter-final against Portugal. His on-air partner, Xavier Domergue, knows what to expect.

The journalist spoke to the site
The Team on his relationship with the 1998 world champion. The opportunity for him to confirm what Christophe Dugarry told him about Didier Deschamps and the French team.
Christophe, we know his frankness, the difficulty of his relations with Deschamps. Now, he will be the first, and he told me, to recognize that what Deschamps is putting in place is very good if the match shows it. And the first to say if something does not please him. »

Goals and good play?

A clarification made before the competition, so that things are clearly said between the consultant and the commentator. Christophe Dugarry could well have a lot to say and to say again if Kylian Mbappé and his teammates continue to lack realism in front of the opposing goal. Although qualified for the quarter-finals of this German Euro, the Blues have still not scored a single goal in play, and this after four games played. Three goals scored, including two own goals and a goal from Mbappé on a penalty.

A fan of technical play and risk-taking that allows for more spectacle, Christophe Dugarry has never hidden his weariness with what the Blues are offering under the Deschamps era. The fact remains that the current coach has a recipe that has worked well so far, culminating in a 2018 world champion title. Will what the French will offer this Friday against Portugal live up to the consultant’s expectations?

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