Djokovic-Herbert, Marion Bartoli provokes heated controversy

Djokovic-Herbert, Marion Bartoli provokes heated controversy

Attending the poster between Novak Djokovic and Pierre-Hugue Herbert on Tuesday evening, Marion Bartoli awkwardly mentioned the illness of the French player’s young son.

There was no miracle for Pierre-Hugues Herbert on Tuesday in the first round of Roland-Garros. As expected, the Frenchman tried to resist, but suffered a defeat in three sets against Novak Djokovic, in search of his 25e Grand Slam title. Taking advantage of his opponent’s apathy, the Alsatian however managed to push the world number one to the tie-break in the second set.

Novak Djokovic did not shine, confirming his poor form in recent weeks, but his average performance on Tuesday could also have a surprising explanation. In any case, that’s Marion Bartoli’s feeling. “I think Novak heard about Pierre-Hugues’ son’s illness. There may be some respect, a little bit, I’m not going to say modesty, but in any case don’t overdo it either”she said at the microphone of Prime Video.

The clumsiness of Marion Bartoli

The former Wimbledon winner’s explanation was hardly convincing and on the contrary sparked numerous reactions, with viewers seeing in these words an unfortunate lack of respect.

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