Deprived of his notebook, Elfyn Evans' co-pilot uses his smartphone

Deprived of his notebook, Elfyn Evans’ co-pilot uses his smartphone

After forgetting his notebook at the finish of the sixth special stage of the Rally of Portugal, Scott Martin had to deal with a copy on his smartphone to indicate the route to follow to Elfyn Evans at the end of the day on Friday.

It’s a funny mishap that happened to Elfyn Evans and Scott Martin. While the British duo had a difficult start to the Portugal Rally, the situation did not improve when the co-driver realized that he no longer had his notebook in hand. In fact, Scott Martin simply forgot about it at the finish of the sixth special, the first of the loop scheduled for this Friday afternoon. However, the co-driver quickly put his emergency plan in place, which took the form of an exact digital copy of the notebook present in the mobile phone that he takes in the Toyota on the special stages.

However, despite the difficulties inherent in readability on a small screen, Scott Martin was able to give the right instructions to Elfyn Evans, who admitted to having been impressed by his friend. “I was very surprised to see how well he was doing, to be honest,” said the Welsh driver in comments collected by the magazine Autosport. There was of course some hesitation when the phone didn’t do what it wanted, but otherwise it wasn’t disruptive and it felt almost as good as usual. »

Martin: “I still prefer paper and pencil”

Scott Martin, for his part, did not hide a certain embarrassment at this improbable event. However, he is delighted to have thought of a plan B in such a scenario. “You never stop learning and thinking of ways to cover yourself,” he said. I often say to expect the unexpected and try to have a backup plan. All those years of scanning them and storing them digitally have paid off. » But those three stages with notes in digital format didn’t convince him that it could work full-time.

“I don’t think this is the future, I still prefer paper and pencil,” he said. While Kalle Rovanperä and Sébastien Ogier were in a tight spot at the end of the day on Friday, with only one second separating the last two world champions, Elfyn Evans saw his misfortunes continue with a puncture in the seventh special which pushed back in the hierarchy. Pushed back almost two minutes behind his teammates, he is only in eighth place in the general classification before the nine special stages scheduled for this Saturday.

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