Denis Brogniart, the sexual assault case resurfaces!

Denis Brogniart, the sexual assault case resurfaces!

Almost six years after the alleged sexual assault of a candidate from Koh Lanta, justice has confirmed the indictment of another participant.

The affair caused a stir in 2018. Five years after the death of Gérald Babin and then the suicide of the show’s doctor, Koh-Lanta, the adventure game presented by Denis Brogniart, saw its filming stopped again and the season canceled. “The event external to the game occurring between two competitors” that the production invoked to explain this cancellation quickly transformed into an accusation of sexual assault, leading to the filing of a complaint and the opening of a judicial investigation by the Nancy public prosecutor’s office.

And if the investigation made little noise, it led to the indictment of Eddy G. in November 2022. The accused had challenged this status before the investigating chamber of the court of appeal of Nancy but to believe The Parisianthe courts rejected this request for annulment on March 14, with Eddy G. now risking a trial.

“On the night of the 4th to 5th day of filming, a competitor reported facts that could amount to sexual assault. These facts are formally contested by the competitor concerned, explained Alexia Laroche-Joubert, president of the ALP production house. We are neither judge nor prosecutor and want to respect the word of one as well as the presumption of innocence of the other. »

The complainant is the daughter of coach Hervé Renard

The complainant, Candide Renard, the daughter of coach Hervé Renard, explained that she was woken up in the middle of the night while Eddy G. kissed her and passed his hand under her clothes. The woman who was only 21 years old at the time of the events immediately alerted production using the walkie-talkie present at the camp and filed a complaint upon her return to France.

Placed in police custody when he got off the plane, Eddy G. has always denied the facts. “Every night, I slept between a man and the wall of the cabin. Candide was further away”he explained, adding: “When the cameramen came back in the night to film us, I woke up and Candide was half on top of me. It was filmed and it completely exonerates me. » Her lawyer Me Jérémy Assous had confirmed for his part that the complainant’s version was “irreconcilable with reality”none of the other candidates confirming this version.

However, if Eddy G. had been quickly released at the end of his first hearing, the investigating chamber considered that the body of evidence was sufficiently established to indict him. It is now up to the investigating judge to decide whether or not to order the man to be referred to a court.


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