Denis Brogniart, irrevocable decision at TF1

Denis Brogniart, irrevocable decision at TF1

Star presenter of TF1, Denis Brogniart is experiencing small disappointments in terms of audiences on his show “Koh-Lanta”. However, two new seasons have been ordered.

The years go by and certain things remain. A program that has become cult since its first broadcast in 2001, “Koh-Lanta” continues to make the best days of the first channel. However, the audiences for the current twenty-fifth season (not counting the special editions with the former candidates) are a little less successful than the previous ones. Would the concept begin to tire viewers of TF1 ? Perhaps, but the channel intends to continue broadcasting its program. She has just ordered two more seasons.

The information was revealed Monday by The Parisian. The media first confirmed that Denis Brogniart and all the teams from the company producing the show, Adventure Line Productions, had just started filming the twenty-sixth season in the Philippines (for the third year in a row). A version in which two former candidates should appear: Ugo, participant of the 2012 and 2021 editions, but also and above all Frédéric, big winner of the 2023 season. The exact broadcast date is not yet known, but it should be around next school year.

And it continues

If filming should last a few months, everyone should get together at the start of the school year to embark on a new shoot with a new cast of adventurers. But always with Denis Brogniart at the helm. And since there must only be one left, it is the presenter who also takes care of second parts of football evenings during major events broadcast on TF1 (including Euro 2024 which will be played from June 14 to July 14), who will resume his role as grand arbiter of “Koh-Lanta”.

A few weeks ago, a rumor mentioned the possible replacement of the journalist by his colleague Isabelle Ithurburu. This will not be the case, any more for “Koh-Lanta” than for “Le Mag” during Euro 2024. The days of Denis Brogniart on TF1 are not counted and they even look beautiful. And the sentence is irrevocable.

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