Dakar, the ordeal of France Pierron

Dakar, the ordeal of France Pierron

For her first as a follower of the Dakar, journalist France Pierron confided that the conditions were not easy to manage.

Just before the holiday season, France Pierron learned that she was going to Saudi Arabia to follow her very first Dakar on the ground. Figure of the chain The Team, the journalist is now on site to bring to life the forty-sixth edition of the legendary rally which runs until January 19. And daily reality does not necessarily seem to enchant him. At least that’s what emerged from his live testimony this Monday.

In any case, she hesitated and seriously thought about it before accepting the mission. She also opened up about it during an interview given to the site I have fun. « They offered it to me straight away and my first reaction was to say no. Because we are there for three weeks, I have children, there are school holidays and I am a single mother. (…) But what I like is the caravan side and it’s a super nice world: the star drivers eat with the mechanics, the media… My first hours on site confirm that I’m in the right place. »

“We sleep very little and it’s cold”

So what about a few days later? Starting her live intervention on a positive note, the mother slowly slid towards some regrets. “ The canteen, campfire every evening, the barbecue, it’s so good. We enjoy. (…) The atmosphere is super nice, but we are exhausted. We get up every morning at four or five o’clock, it’s intense, it’s sporty. Sometimes I miss my (television) set a little bit. » Asked afterwards about the quality of her nights, France Pierron was not more enthusiastic.

« (We sleep) very, very little. We average five hours per two nights. It’s cold. It’s five-six degrees at night » Moving to the bivouac site, the journalist then took things as a joke by announcing: “ This is my four star hotel » , showing a line of tents. And to conclude with a smile: “ We change bivouacs every morning. So you have to start all over again every day. »

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