Christophe Dugarry, the confession of Carine Galli

Christophe Dugarry, the confession of Carine Galli

Broadcaster of Euro 2024, M6 presented its system this Friday during the competition. The opportunity for a little confidence from journalist Carine Galli.

In less than a month, Euro 2024 will begin. Organized in Germany from June 14 to July 14, the competition will be an opportunity for French supporters to encourage Didier Deschamps’ Blues. Three years after the failure in the form of a premature exit, from the round of 16, at Euro 2021, Kylian Mbappé and his teammates hope to do much better. Broadcaster of the event, M6 is necessarily in the same state of mind. This Friday, the channel presented its system for the competition. The opportunity for some to share some confidences.

No less than thirteen matches will be broadcast on the channel, including a group match for the Blues, as well as the possible quarter that the France team could play in the event of qualification. To comment on all the matches, a duo of commentators made up of Xavier Domergue and Christophe Dugarry, without forgetting Carine Galli on the pitch. On Friday, the latter had the opportunity to comment on her upcoming collaboration with the 1998 world champion. In comments relayed by our special correspondent, Jean-Sébastien Grond, the journalist made an admission: “ He was one of my favorite players, along with Chris Waddle. (…) It’s not a legend. I was a fan of aesthete players. I was a subscriber to the Vélodrome, I grew up watching France 98 and Euro 2000. Really, he’s my favorite player. I waited for him all night once. »

Well-oiled system

Christophe Dugarry will not be the only consultant of choice for M6 since it has also been revealed that Christophe Galtier will speak once or twice during the Euro, as part of the show “ 100% Euro », presented by Smaïl Bouabdellah, after almost all matches. For this famous show, the journalist will also be supported by his colleague, Laurie Samama, but also Alain Boghossian, another 98 world champion, without forgetting the comedians Younes Depardieu, Julien Santini and Samuel Bambi.

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