Christophe Dugarry, disaster at the Euro

Christophe Dugarry, disaster at the Euro

The big return of Christophe Dugarry behind the microphones does not seem to have convinced viewers.

This is one of the events at the start of the Euro. The competition in Germany marks the great return of Christophe Dugarry as a commentator. The 1998 world champion has in fact said yes to M6 and succeeds Robert Pirès alongside Xavier Domergue. To his greatest happiness. “It’s not M6 who is lucky to have me, it’s me who is lucky that they asked me. I accepted in ten minutes. I didn’t even negotiate, it made me so happy”he told Télé 7 days before the start of the competition.

Christophe Dugarry and Xavier Domergue, who will comment on the final on July 14, launched their Euro with Italy-Albania on Saturday in group B. And the reactions of viewers were very mixed, at least on social networks where the great return of the Bordeaux player was accompanied by severe criticism.

Comments that are too harsh

Many viewers particularly regretted the very harsh comments against Albania, not ambitious enough in their eyes, while the nation was playing its first Euro and facing Italy, the reigning European champion.

“Giving a microphone to Dugarry is hating football”, “Christophe Dugarry needs a psychologist. He hates the whole world”, “It’s catastrophic Dugarry in the comments”, “Worse and worse really Dugarry”, “Dugarry faithful to himself he is odious”, “a kind of badger who spits on Albania which plays a major competition in the group of death, undrinkable person…”, “dugarry’s comments are a purge…”, “Unbearable Dugarry”, “Dugarry’s comments are always as vile”…: these are some of the comments that flourished on Twitter during the meeting

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