Christian Jeanpierre, immense sadness

Christian Jeanpierre, immense sadness

Cousin of Sylvain Augier, the former star commentator of TF1 attended the funeral, having difficulty hiding his sorrow.

The announcement of the death of Sylvain Augier, at only 68 years old, caused great emotion. And it was palpable again this Thursday during the funeral of the former presenter of Do not dream, in Sommières in the Gard. Many friends, close and anonymous were present to pay a final tribute to the native of Toulouse.

Among the crowd, two well-known faces from television: Michel Drucker, with whom he had worked for Studio Gabriel and shared his passion for helicopters, and Christian Jeanpierre, the former presenter of Téléfoot and commentator for the French team on TF1. The two men were more than friends since Sylvain Augier and Christian Jeanpierre were cousins.

“I owe him everything”

« It was Sylvain who launched me into journalism, who got me started, who brought me to TF1. I owe him everything,” had entrusted to Parisian the former emblematic figure on the front page when the death of his maternal aunt’s son was announced.

“He was truly generous. When he was on a roll, he never went alone, he shared. And when he left for Paris to work as a senior reporter at the magazine It interests me, it was to me that he offered to accompany him in the Adventure section of the newspaper. I was his designated freelancer. It’s thanks to him that I got my first press card in 1986,” he explained.

“We knew that he had been in a difficult situation for some time, but he was too young to die,” he confided about the bipolar disorder from which Sylvain Augier suffered. I had kept some contact with him, but in this world, we easily lose sight of each other. » The two men spoke regularly and spoke on the phone ten days before Sylvain Augier’s disappearance.

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