Carine Galli, the separation is official

Carine Galli, the separation is official

In a relationship with Giovanni Castaldi since 2020, Carine Galli is now separated from her journalist colleague. The latter made it official.

After more than three years of living together, Carine Galli and Giovanni Castaldi have gone their separate ways. Benjamin Castaldi’s half-brother confirmed this on Wednesday on his social networks: “ We have been separated for several months with Carine Galli. », he posted soberly. A way of putting an end to the questions that regularly came up among his followers, particularly when he posted a photo of himself with his new partner, a certain Charlotte Rascol. In any case, the romance between Carine Galli and him is now part of ancient history, even if they will continue to cross paths in the corridors of The Team.

Columnists for the media at the time of their first meeting (2019), the two journalists will get to know each other and fall in love. Carine Galli spoke about their relationship in the columns of Tele-Leisure. If Giovanni Castaldi had been the first to be enterprising, the young woman had initially remained reserved. “ He was a handsome man, but younger than me. I was a little wary. » Five years older than her new darling, the journalist in turn fell in love. And the story lasted. The couple shared many moments of their private life, regularly posting photos of their dog or moments of relaxation.


Carine Galli and Giovanni Castaldi also appeared together on screen, notably during the show “ The Evening Team » broadcast on their employer’s channel. Their complicity was also obvious. Their relationship was also an opportunity for their on-air friends to have a little fun and regularly poke them with kindness. So all this is over and the page is well and truly turned. If Carine Galli left a few photos on her account Instagram where she appears alongside her ex, there is no longer a single one on Giovanni Castaldi’s side.

On the other hand, the journalist continues to follow her on the networks, which is not the case for the native of Gassin (Var) who chose to unsubscribe. From now on, it is Charlotte Rascol who reacts first to all the messages posted by Giovanni Castaldi. And life goes on.

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