Carine Galli flirted with online, she destroys “the crevards”

Carine Galli flirted with online, she destroys “the crevards”

Without tongue in cheek on television sets, journalist Carine Galli is not either on her social networks. She proved it once again this Tuesday.

A few days ago, Giovanni Castaldi formalized his break with Carine Galli. In a relationship since 2020 with Benjamin Castaldi’s half-brother, the thirty-nine-year-old journalist, however, did not speak on the subject, preferring not to display this part of her private life in public. However, she is no less active on her social networks where she shares certain experiences (travels, etc.). And she also gives a few rants. The latest concerns flirters.

This Tuesday, Carine Galli shared a conversation she had with a stranger who contacted her online. “ Good evening, I was thinking of you, I don’t know why. I hope you’re well. » A message to which the journalist who officiates in particular on M6, RTL and the chain The Team, replied tersely. “ Don’t think about me, it’s better. » A dazzling stop that the impudent man made: “ It’s very clear. Sorry. » The conversation most likely ended there.

Scathing response

And as the caption for this screenshot, Carine Galli added a layer: “ The idiots who send such messages! Boudiou. » All accompanied by three broom-shaped emoticons. Move along, nothing to see. The grumpy character with an assertive character that the journalist has forged, particularly on the channel The Teamtherefore struck again.


La Varoise remains nonetheless appreciated by many other Internet users and she reminded this by relaying another message in her “ stories » on Instagram. “ Hello Carine, just a little message to tell you that I adore you, I even love your bad faith (…). Don’t change anything Carine. » A compliment to which she responded with humor, self-deprecation and lots of emoticons laughing until she cried: “ Thank you so much. Afterwards, I am very surprised by these messages saying that I am in bad faith. I absolutely disagree. »

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