Carine Galli deprived of Euro 2024 in Germany!

Carine Galli deprived of Euro 2024 in Germany!

While she was supposed to cover Euro 2024 in Germany for M6, Carine Galli was forced to stay in Paris.

“He’s my favorite player. I waited for him all night once. »
Carine Galli was truly happy to cover Euro 2024 in Germany for the M6 ​​channel, with Xavier Domergue and especially Christophe Dugarry, one of her idols. It won’t happen. A few days before departure, the journalist actually learned that she would not be traveling due to a mishap suffered while filming abroad.

” I hurt myselfexplains the host in an interview with the magazine Tele-Leisure.
The doctors made a bad diagnosis, then it took a while to repatriate me to France. When you don’t get a good start in treating an injury, you always experience complications. I have three fractures in my ankle, although I can obviously still move around to work. »

Carine Galli forced to stay in Paris

A hard blow for the ex-partner of Giovanni Castaldi, who thought she would experience a completely different summer. “I found out a week before the start of the competition that I was not leaving. I remained convinced that I was going to go to Germany. I always dreamed of working with (Christophe Dugarry). I left RMC after seven years, and the year I left, he arrived. I thought I would finally have the opportunity to be by his side, and so no… It’s like that. »

But even from Paris, Carine Galli is still part of the system put in place by M6 for this Euro 2024. She thus intervenes in the program 100% Euro, hosted by Smaïl Bouabdellah. A program in which she is neither a consultant nor a co-host: “I present the “offs” of the matches and some pastilles such as the presentation of the French team’s opponents or the Blues newspaper. » A little consolation prize.

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