Carine Galli and Sidney Govou, the adventure that goes wrong

Carine Galli and Sidney Govou, the adventure that goes wrong

Absent in Germany for Euro 2026 with M6, sports journalist Carine Galli was injured while filming an adventure show. A former player of the French team was there: Sidney Govou.

This was still the case a few days ago
Euro 2024 in Germany: Carine Galli was to form the trio of commentators for the matches broadcast by M6 alongside Xavier Domergue and the 98 world champion
Christophe Dugarry. On May 17, the 39-year-old sports journalist showed up on crutches with an injured ankle when M6 unveiled its line-up for the European Championship. She therefore declared “forfeit” as the tournament approached, replaced by Laurie Samama in the role of “field woman”.

“I was on a shoot abroad where I got injured. The doctors made a bad diagnosis, then it took a long time to repatriate me to France. When you don’t get off to a good start to treating an injury, you always suffer complications. I have three fractures in my ankle, even though I can obviously continue to move around to work.”Carine Galli recently confided to Télé-Loisirs.

Carine Galli in a survival show

This filming abroad mentioned by Carine Galli did not take place around a football match, but for an entertainment show. The former special correspondent of the L’Equipe channel participated in the new season of The Island: Celebrities
on M6. She was seriously injured during the filming a few months ago in Thailand, on Ko Tarutao, an island south of the “Land of Smiles” (a little further south than Phuket and a certain Ko Lanta). A footballer was also there: Sidney Govou, a former French international now a TV consultant (on Canal+).

The Island is not exactly a reality TV show. It is a “docu-adventure” filmed in particularly difficult conditions, which M6 adapted into a French version in 2015 with adventurer Mike Horn as presenter. The show was adapted into The Island: Celebrities in 2018. Christian Califano, Émilie Gomis, Amaury Leveaux and Gwendal Peizerat survived Panama. This year, among the 10 participants, we will find, in addition to Carine Galli and Sidney Govou, the 800-meter world champion Pierre-Ambroise Bosse and the boxer Lucie Bertaud, as well as the former Miss France Nathalie Marquay and Delphine Wespiser.

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