Canal+ wins!

Canal+ wins!

Canal+ will remain the broadcaster of the Top 14 and Pro D2 until 2032. The LNR call for tenders was won hands down by the encrypted channel.

Historical broadcaster of the Top 14 since 1998, Canal+ is not ready to be dethroned. The call for tenders for the current five-year term from 2027 to 2032 was won by the encrypted channel this Wednesday, the latter informs us. All of the lots put up for sale went into the C+ category. All the matches, divided into four packs including three posters and a multiplex, as well as the magazines relating to the French rugby championship will therefore be broadcast during this period on the fourth channel of the French Audiovisual Landscape. Furthermore, the rights to the Pro D2 were also won by Canal+.

The negotiations bore fruit for the National Rugby League which finally awarded these rights to the two championships (simultaneously for the first time) in exchange for a total budget of 139.4 million euros per season while the price of departure had been set at 130 million.

The exclusivity of the Top 14 and Pro D2 dams retained

This increasing amount represents an inflation of 14.7% compared to the income currently generated in the elite, and 36% for its antechamber. Until 2027, the LNR will receive 113.6 million euros for the Top 14 and 8 million euros for the Pro D2. Beyond this mandate, the stake will reach 128.7 million per year for the Top 14 and 10.7 million in exchange for the retransmission of the second division.

In addition to regular season matches, Canal+ specifies in its press release that the play-offs, the semi-finals as well as the final of the two rugby championships are part of the packs gleaned. Like the promotion match between the Top 14 play-off player and the contender from the final phase of Pro D2, as well as the promotion match between the Pro D2 play-off player and the National candidate aspiring to move up. “Several weekly magazines including 2 every weekend on CANAL+, as well as various event programs including Rugby Night” also informed the lucky one.

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