Canal Football Club, downgrade confirmed

Canal Football Club, downgrade confirmed

Canal+’s flagship program when the encrypted channel was the main broadcaster of Ligue 1, “Canal Football Club” is now only the ghost of what it could have been, according to some observers.

It has now existed for over fifteen years. Broadcast for the first time on the antenna of Canal+ on August 31, 2008, the “ Canal Football Club » has long allowed fans of Ligue 1 to follow the national championship through images and analyses. But over the years, and as broadcasting rights changed hands, the program lost its interest and audiences slowly but surely plunged. The departure of Pierre Ménès in 2021 will also have serious consequences on the show’s average audience. If it still exists, it is no more than a shadow of what it was at its peak.

At least this is the analysis that was made by Vincent Duluc. The journalist spoke about it Monday evening on the channel’s set The TeamWhen Canal+ could recover part of the rights to the French championship for the period 2024-2029. “ What is complicated is that (Canal+) is committed to rugby, for example for the ‘prime time’ slot on Sunday evening. On the contrary, they have really weakened the CFC which was a flagship program with Ligue 1 and which is now a bit of an ersatz of the CFC that it was and the influence that it could have, and its audiences which were higher than a million at the time. »

Investment and consequences

The downgrading of the show, already confirmed through the audiences (they averaged 451,000 viewers in 2022 and have continued to fall since), is therefore recorded by the observer. To perhaps breathe new life into Canal Football Club, obtaining all or part of the next broadcast rights will be a necessary medicine. And according to the channel’s former boss, Pierre Lescure, the scenario is not impossible and the current managers of C+ will have to think about their strategy. “ They can make predictionshe indicated on the channel The Team. However, it will be a big investment. I think that in order not to disrupt their programs too much, they will have to focus on and develop their ‘100% Football’ channel. »

With, according to Pierre Lescure, a reflection on the promotion of this Ligue 1. And perhaps future repercussions on the CFC. « The investment will also be accompanied by a new investment in processing, broadcasting and programming. They can do it, but it will be a real strategic choice which means that Canal+, with the green light from its main shareholder, decides to become monopolistic again. »

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