BMW in the starting blocks?

BMW in the starting blocks?

While MotoGP lost Suzuki at the end of the 2022 season, the German manufacturer BMW is not closing the door to an arrival in the world championship. The change in technical regulations planned for 2027 will be the ideal window.

MotoGP is looking for manufacturers. While it can count on the Japanese from Yamaha and Honda but also on the Europeans from Ducati, Aprilia and KTM, the world championship was not able to compensate for the defection of Suzuki at the end of 2022. Carmelo Ezpeleta, boss of Dorna Sports has never hidden its desire to reserve the two places on the starting grid initially granted to the Japanese manufacturer for a new brand and not for a private team. But this idea of ​​extending the paddock to a new entrant remains on the cards, due to a lack of candidates.

However, this could change in the medium term. Indeed, MotoGP should experience a profound change in technical regulations from 2027. Beyond the transition to synthetic fuels, the reduction in engine displacement and a step back in aerodynamic levels would be on the table, without any consensus has not been found at the moment. Discussions for which the German brand BMW is keeping a close eye. “ We are in contact with Dorna and we are discussing the rules », Confided the boss of the motor sports branch of BMW Motorrad Markus Flasch in comments collected by the specialized site

BMW doesn’t want to rush

The latter does not hide that “ the 2027 season would be an obvious time to start, but that doesn’t put us under pressure to make a decision “. However, if Markus Flasch admits to having “a great passion for MotoGP”, this does not mean that the Bavarian manufacturer will necessarily take the plunge in three years. “ The key to a decision is to convince people of the idea. Strategic analysis is necessary, he added. Financing is only one aspect of it. Branding is another. If the analysis is convincing and receives internal support, then the decision does not depend on who the CEO of BMW Motorrad is. »

If Markus Flasch does not hide the fact that a potential transfer of technologies between a MotoGP prototype and road bikes is attractive, it is not the only element to take into account. “ MotoGP is the brand and the global reach, he added. This is why businesses are taking part. » However, before seriously considering a Grand Prix program, BMW intends to shine in Superbike, even though the brand analyzes “the direction the championship is taking and whether or not it makes sense for us to move to the next level “. In other words, a MotoGP project is possible but there is no certainty on this subject yet.

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