Benavides did it again, Brabec can blame himself

Benavides did it again, Brabec can blame himself

Already winner of the 3rd stage, Kevin Benavides, defending champion, did it again this Monday by winning the 8th stage, ahead of his brother Luciano and while Adrien Van Beveren, finally 3rd, could still believe in victory ten kilometers from the END. In the general classification, Ricky Brabec retains the lead ahead of Ross Branch, but he could have taken off and outdistanced the Botswanan.

Kevin Benavides (KTM) does it again, Ricky Brabec (Honda) remains in control. Double winner of the event (for three podiums in total) and defending champion, the Argentine driver cannot yet aspire to achieve the double at the moment. This does not prevent him from gaining time but also victories. Already winner of the 3rd stage, the big brother of Luciano Benavides, also competing in this Dakar, achieved new success this Monday during the 8th stage, between Al-Duwadimi and Ha’il.

The tenth already in his career for the one who does not take advantage of this second stage victory to climb the provisional general classification but who nevertheless consolidates his place in the Top 5 (he is 5th, 1’27” behind Adrien Van Beveren) while waiting for something better. For a long time, however, it was the other biker of the siblings to whom victory seemed to hold out its arms. Van Beveren (Honda) then entered the dance. The Frenchman, in turn, even had a glimpse of success.

Brabec could have unseated Branch

Unfortunately for the Northerner, he collapsed in the final even though he was more than a minute ahead of the two Benavides brothers. Kevin finished stronger than Luciano, who therefore had to settle for 2nd place in this 8th stage, 31 seconds behind his brother. Van Beveren, for his part, finally finished 3rd, just ahead of the Chilean “Nacho” Cornejo (Honda). Ricky Brabec, for his part, ranks 7th in the special, a notch behind his current great rival for the final victory Ross Branch (Hero). The American is 42 seconds ahead of the Botswanan. Brabec, who set off from Al-Duwadimi at the start of the day with a small second ahead of the Hero team driver, can nevertheless bite his fingers. This Monday, he had a lead of up to three minutes over Branch, who ultimately limited the damage.

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