Bagnaia advantage, but...

Bagnaia advantage, but…

Valencia is hosting the final Grand Prix of the season this Sunday afternoon (3:00 p.m.). At the dawn of this very last race, Francesco Bagnaia like his runner-up Jorge Martin can win the title. The Italian world champion, who has the cards in hand, however leaves with a fairly clear advantage.

If in F1, Max Verstappen has been assured for a while now of breaking the champagne for the third year in a row, as far as MotoGP is concerned, we will have to wait for the final meeting, this Sunday afternoon (3:00 p.m.) in Valencia to find out the big winner of the season. Francesco Bagnaia (26), the defending champion, should win his second title in a row. However, Jorge Martin (25 years old) has not said his last word. And this last race could allow the Spaniard to beat his Italian rival to the post.

By winning the sprint on Saturday, and for the ninth time this season, the Ducati Pramac rider, who will start on the second row this Sunday on the Ricardo Tormo circuit, has in fact given himself the right to dream until the end to a first world title, like Bagnaia in 2022. By winning on Saturday while “Ceco”, who certainly took no risks during this sprint, was content with 5th place, the former champion of the Moto3 world has thus returned to 14 points behind the leader of this 2023 World Championship which will know its winner on Sunday. For Martin to climb for the first time in his life on the highest step of the final podium in the premier category, he will nevertheless have to achieve an achievement and benefit from a combination of most favorable circumstances.

Three scenarios would crown Martin

If the outgoing world champion, who still has his destiny in his hands, finishes in the top five on Sunday, he will indeed be crowned again. Same if he finishes between 6th and 10th place and Martin does not win. Bagnaia will also be crowned for the second year in a row if he ranks between 11th and 14th place and his runner-up in the ranking does not do better than 3rd, knowing that a 15th place or even lower still for the Italian would make him champion if the Spaniard does not finish on the podium. On the other hand, three scenarios would make Martin happy.

The latter will thus win the title if he wins this Valencia Grand Prix and Bagnaia does not place in the first six or if he finishes second in the race and the Italian does not manage to climb into the first eleven . A third place could also crown Martin. For this, “Ceco” would have to do worse than 15th on Sunday. Bagnaia advantage, but what suspense!

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