Bad news for TF1

Bad news for TF1

Victim of current political events, the Blues’ preparation meeting against Canada had a modest audience on Sunday evening.

Four days after a successful trial run against Luxembourg, the France team spent a much more complicated evening, Sunday, for its second – and final – preparation match for Euro 2024. Opposed to Canada, the Blues had to settle for a goalless draw (0-0), which was hardly reassuring eight days before the start of the Euro.

And the evening was all the more complicated for the Blues as for the first time in more than three years, their meeting was broadcast on delay. The fault lies with Emmanuel Macron’s decision to dissolve the National Assembly just a few minutes after the announcement of the results of the European elections. News which convinced TF1, broadcaster of the Blues meeting, to focus on political news.

TF1 at the top of the audiences

Without much surprise, the audience of the meeting felt this way. According to figures from Médiamétrie, the France-Canada match had to be content with 4.42 million viewers, or an audience share of 22.8%. For comparison, the France-Luxembourg meeting broadcast on Wednesday was watched by 5.00 million viewers, for an audience share of 25.5%.

TF1 nonetheless came out on top in the audiences. Faced with the match, France 2 and its election evening had to make do with 2.88 million viewers and an audience share of 14.9%. At 8 p.m., the election evening of the first channel had also done better than its main competitor with 6.38 million viewers compared to 4.19 for that of France 2.

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