“An absolute catastrophe”, Matthieu Lartot’s rant

“An absolute catastrophe”, Matthieu Lartot’s rant

Matthieu Lartot regretted the lack of accessibility of the Paris metro to disabled people, pointing out the lack of eagerness of the authorities to want to move the lines.

Very discreet about his first knee cancer, when he was still a teenager, and his leg problems which resulted and ruined his life for many years, Matthieu Lartot on the other hand chose to play the card of transparency when he learned of his recurrence, publicizing his fight against the disease and his leg amputation.

The star commentator from France Télévisions even went further by writing a book to tell his story, giving his thoughts on his new life. “I became aware during the media coverage of my recurrence that many people experienced this illness in isolation. I wanted to pay tribute to the people who have marked my journey, all the caregivers, my family. It’s my way of giving a little hope.” he explained to Télé Poche.

Matthieu Lartot points the finger at the Paris metro

By his own admission, however, this relapse and this new struggle did not have an impact on his outlook on life. “I’ve always had this feeling of urgency,” he assured. I needed to build things quickly, to find a professional project. I met my wife at journalism school, we had children very young. » The amputation of his leg, however, forced him to take a new look at the place of disabled people in society.

“For the moment, it’s a little negative, he regretted when delivering his inventory on accessibility for disabled people in the Paris region. I know that at the Stade de Fance, spaces dedicated to people with reduced mobility have been added. But I see that the Paris metro is an absolute disaster. We talk a lot about inclusion, but it all evolves very slowly.”

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