Alpine reassures Ocon

Alpine reassures Ocon

The boss of the Alpine team Bruno Famin assured Esteban Ocon, who will leave at the end of the season, that he will not be disadvantaged compared to his teammate Pierre Gasly, contrary to what the driver said after the Grand Prix of Canada.

“This trend for the end of the season is not correct, I did my job but not the team. » After the Canadian Grand Prix, Esteban Ocon was unhappy at having had to give up his ninth place to his teammate Pierre Gasly and made it known. One more episode in this particularly difficult first third of the season for Alpine, which has already announced the departure of Ocon at the end of the year. The 27-year-old driver considers himself disadvantaged within the team, but his boss Bruno Famin wanted to reassure him, while there are still fifteen Grands Prix to compete.

« I think Esteban can count on the whole team to help him achieve the best result, because by achieving the best result, Esteban helps the team achieve the best possible result. And we are counting on Esteban to bring everything he can to the team,” the manager informedAutosport.

Famin: “We will not put Esteban aside at all”

“The team is everyone: the driver, the mechanic, the engineer – everyone must do their bit to achieve the best possible result for the team. And the driver is part of the team, continues Famin. We will not put Esteban aside at all. He will have exactly the same conditions as Pierre. They are at the same level, at the same status. We know that they are very close in terms of performance, and it would not be good to do something different for one or the other. Once again, it is the interest of the team: the interest of Alpine first. »

To date, Pierre Gasly has brought three points to the French team and Esteban Ocon two, which places Alpine in the penultimate place in the constructors’ standings, far from its ambitions. Next meeting: in Spain next week, where Ocon and Gasly finished eighth and tenth respectively last year.

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