Pascal Praud, the dismissal that does not pass

Abandoned by his family, Pascal Praud cries betrayal!

Delighted upon reading the latest audience figures from CNews, Pascal Praud explained these good results in his own way.

Historic first for CNews. For the first time since its creation, the news channel of the Bolloré galaxy was ahead of BFMTV in May. With an average audience share of 2.8%, CNews dethroned its rival, who had to be content with 2.7% audience share. According to figures from Médiamétrie relayed by Ozap, CNews came in first for 22 days, with a record rising to 4.5% on Thursday, May 30.

If CNews only had 36.7 million viewers compared to 48.4 million for BFMTV, the Canal group channel was able to count on a much longer viewing time with 37’10” compared to 24’18”. Enough to make Pascal Praud happy, the former Téléfoot reporter who became the emblematic face of CNews.

“The hardest blows come from journalists”

« It’s always interesting to know why a channel stands out. The funny thing is that she disrupted the whole system. We have 300 channels anyway, if people don’t want to watch us they can go elsewhere. We are going to a commission of inquiry now, some want to ban us, it’s astonishing all the same. It’s unique, a channel which has multiplied its audience six-fold since its beginnings. he said on the set of L’heure des pros 2, adding: “I have the feeling that it works because people know all the information, with cell phones etc.”

« And they know that they will be treated with more freedom on this channel than elsewhere. And that the treatment which is proposed first will undoubtedly be closer to what people may think, let’s say it, because the others are on the brakes, on political correctness, and sometimes on ideological reflexes, and then it there is an agreed thought”,
he continued before attacking his detractors.

“The hardest blows come from journalists, even more than from politicians,” he regretted, adding immediately: “Obviously all this has no importance, but reveals the mediocrity of a certain press which betrays its mission: to bear witness, to inform, to understand, to decipher, to analyze. And not belch anathema. » And the former president of FC Nantes added:
“The success of CNews depends on its freedom of tone, the absence of ideology, and the pluralism of its speakers. »

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