“A world that no longer exists”, the sad observation of Pascal Praud

“A world that no longer exists”, the sad observation of Pascal Praud

The former general director of FC Nantes appreciates an interview with Christian Karembeu where the 1998 world champion recalls the discipline that reigned among the Canaries during the era of Jean-Claude Suaudeau. A model for Pascal Praud.

Christian Karembeu lent himself at the game of “Paroles d’Ex” this Sunday in the columns of L’Equipe, and the 1998 world champion devotes a large part to his time at FC Nantes, his training club. The former midfielder was a member of this famous 1995 team which amazed the French championship, with its famous “Nantes style game”. “There was magic in the air every time we played”remembers Karembeu.

Kanak also pays a superb tribute to the coach who launched him among the professionals, Jean-Claude Suaudeau. “It is he who opens your eyes, who gives you the keys so that you can be a good, even a very good player, and have a different reading from the one you have, says the former Real Madrid player. The game for him has always been about space and movement, everywhere on a field, not only on the football field, but also tennis, basketball, rugby. During our very first discussion, he simply asked me if I knew how to run. I answered yes. But, for him, it was running in space, how and when. Me, at 17, I was first grade! »

Karembeu and Suaudeau-style discipline

Karembeu also remembers the intransigence of his former coach, a demanding educator. He tells two anecdotes, about a green day that he had to leave for family reasons, which deprived him of the match the next day, and about his lateness for a dinner, which was also sanctioned. “We could not deviate from the rule. He instilled in us this discipline of going towards excellence, of never missing our passes. Perfection is not easy, but we might as well try to achieve it”explains the former Canary.

These values ​​visibly appeal to Pascal Praud, a native of Nantes and short-lived leader of the Canaries at the end of the 2000s. « Read the interview with Christian Karembeu in L’Equipe du day plunges us into a world that no longer exists. Karembeu arrives late for dinner the day before a match at Auxerre. ‘You’re late for dinner and you’re not eating. We’ll see tomorrow if you play,’ Jean-Claude Suaudeau told him. Karembeu went to his room. He didn’t say, ‘The coach doesn’t respect me.’ He didn’t feel offended. He agreed”appreciates Pascal Praud, visibly nostalgic.

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