A new channel for Ligue 1, it’s becoming clearer

A new channel for Ligue 1, it’s becoming clearer

While Ligue 1 is still without a broadcaster over the period 2024-2029, discussions are continuing with beIN Sports, which could create a channel 100% dedicated to the French championship. With a special subscription.

On which channel will Stade Brestois and OGC Nice play next season? On Canal+, already, but only for the European Cups. But for Ligue 1, two days before the end of the championship, three months before the resumption of next season, it is still very unclear.

L’Equipe takes stock this Saturday, and reminds that beIN Sports is still the League’s main contact on this issue, while the League has been engaged in a process of over-the-counter negotiations since the failure of its first appeal of offers. Discussions continue, still hoping to get closer to the 900 million euros hoped for by Vincent Labrune. One of the unknowns is the distribution of income between the clubs, which could be even more favorable than it is at Paris Saint-Germain.

beIN in the footsteps of Amazon?

In the meantime, beIN Sports is still working on the outlines of its future project. And L’Equipe raises the possibility of creating a new channel, the code name of which would be “beIN Ligue 1”. The model followed would be that implemented by Amazon in recent seasons, with the subscription of an additional subscription to access matches of the French championship.

And Canal+ in all this? Vincent Bolloré’s channel continues to play for time, and to say it is disinterested in Ligue 1, even if certain players continue to think that the Sunday evening poster, under license, could still be attractive for Canal+. In the meantime, the boss of the channel, Maxime Saada, continues to highlight other rights, such as that of the European Cups, which Canal+ has chosen to keep in full (Amazon and RMC would have recovered some matches).

“We are in a very complicated environment, with the fragmentation of offers and the multiplication of subscriptions,” Saada explains to L’Equipe. Having a very simple and very readable proposal, “100% of the three European Cups on Canal + broadcasts from 2024 to 2027”, has a lot of value. » This is why a “100% Ligue 1” channel would be of value for beIN…

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