“A fabulous mentality”, Laurent Luyat lets loose on Rafael Nadal

“A fabulous mentality”, Laurent Luyat lets loose on Rafael Nadal

On the eve of the start of Roland-Garros, Laurent Luyat was on the set of Quelle Epoque! on Saturday, on France 2. The host took the opportunity to praise Rafael Nadal.

It’s always the big time of the year for Laurent Luyat. On the eve of the big start of the tournament, this Sunday, the presenter of France 2 spoke about this Roland-Garros on the set of What an era!Léa Salamé’s show.

Unsurprisingly, there was quickly talk of Rafael Nadal, and the Nadal-Zverev clash which will be scheduled for Monday. “I hope for Nadal that it will not be the last match, even if I like Zverev, who is very strong and has just won in Rome. This is going to be THE match of the fortnight. I hope that for his last match, if he finishes there, that it will be with panache, that it will not be a beating, and that he will receive a nice tribute”estimates Laurent Luyat, who believes the Majorcan capable of the feat. “He can win, with Nadal everything is possible! »

“Nadal has won back everyone’s hearts”

On the air for more than 20 years, Laurent Luyat knows Rafael Nadal perfectly, having received him numerous times on the famous France Télévisions terrace, which overlooks the Central. The journalist describes a charming man, who always takes to greet all the channel’s staff. “And there aren’t many who do.”added Laurent Luyat.

Upon arrival, the France TV presenter admires the champion Nadal. “What’s crazy is that when you win a lot of Roland-Garros (14, editor’s note), at one point the public got fed up with him because he won all the time. But at the end, the public realized his exceptional mentality. It’s not just the physique, the monster on the court, it’s also a fabulous mentality. He won back everyone’s hearts.”

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