A Canary Islands rally in 2025

A Canary Islands rally in 2025

The Canary Islands Rally will be integrated into the World Rally Championship in 2025 and 2026, after having been part of the European Championship for many years.

A new round in the World Rally Championship (WRC) over the next two seasons! In 2025 and 2026, if approved by the World Motor Sport Council, the world’s best drivers will take a detour to the Canary Islands, this Spanish archipelago of seven islands located off the coast of Morocco. This rally contested on asphalt was created in 1977 and was part of the European Championship (ERC) from 1983 to 2005, then in 2013 and since 2016.

A rally well organized and appreciated by the drivers, which therefore convinced the leaders of the WRC to move it into the premier category, like Poland and Latvia, who joined the elite this year after passing by the ERC. In the 2025 edition, the Canary Islands Rally will be held on the island of Gran Canaria, the third largest island in terms of surface area, but in 2026, for what will be its 50th edition, the race will take place on several he is.

Five French drivers won in the Canaries

“The introduction of the Islas Canarias Rally into the WRC was the reward for many years of work. It was a goal desired by several generations, and now, with WRC Promoter, it is within reach,” rejoiced Germán Morales, CEO of the event promoter, Club Deportivo Todo Sport. “Since the addition of the ERC to our championship portfolio, we have little doubt about the abilities of the rally management team to deliver this rally next year as part of the WRC calendar, declared Jona Siebel, general manager of WRC Promoter. We are excited to see Spain return to the WRC calendar. »

Until 2022, the Rally of Spain was organized in Catalonia, but then disappeared from the calendar. Note that five French drivers have won the Canaries Rally since its creation: Marc Etchebers in 1979 and 1980, Gilles Panizzi in 1998, Didier Auriol in 2014, Adrien Fourmaux in 2020 and Yoann Bonato in 2023.

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